This document describe EHF Advanced Ordering (called "EHF Avansert Ordre" in Norwegian)format to be used for the exchange of electronic reminder information between trading partners. This document is a part of Norwegian Digitalisation Agency (Digdir) standardization work related to electronic commerce.

1. Use cases

Use case files are provided to help implementers.

1.1. Web store used for booking tickets

This use case describes the process where a customer/buyer orders tickets.


The buyer uses a website to buy tickets, such as for airfare or events.

Parties involved



The seller has a website that allows the buyer to select and order tickets. The buyer has an account with the seller with necessary details to send him an order agreement.


The buyer uses the website to book tickets. The buyer receives the tickets in the way as selected in the web shop (e.g. mobile ticket or pdf). The buyer then ends the web shop session. The purchase is recorded in the seller’s system.

An order agreement transaction with all necessary information is sent from the seller’s system to the buyer’s purchasing system. The order agreement is recorded in the buyer’s purchasing system.

An invoice is sent to the buyer, but this is outside of this {docutype}.

If the buyer wishes to change a ticket in accordance with the its rules then he reenters the web store, changes the ticket and receives a new order agreement. The change procedure is a repetition of the initial one.


The buyer and the seller have reached an agreement. An order has been placed for tickets and the buyer has received a structured message with its details. If the invoice has an order reference, the invoice can be matched automatically.

2. Description

2.1. Referencing documents

2.1.1. Identifying document

To be able to reference the individual document must a unique document identifier be provided for all documents.

Example of document identifier provided for an order document

2.1.2. Unique identification of document

Example of unique identification of a document

2.1.3. Referencing order document

For all document types except the initial order must a order reference be provided. The order reference will always contain the document identifier provided in the order document.

Example of order referene provided in an order reseponse

2.1.4. Referencing change order document

When an order response is provided for an order change must order change reference be provided.

Example of order change referene provided in an order reseponse

3. Appendix