Mandatory BIS (Draft)

Each actor in the Peppol network is required to support Peppol BIS specifications equivalent to other specifications supported by the actor.

For those supporting specifications part of EHF Post-Award G3, the following list specifices the equivalent Peppol BIS specifications for EHF specifications:

EHF specificationPeppol BIS specification
EHF Advanced Ordering 3.xPeppol BIS Ordering 3.x
EHF Billing 3.xPeppol BIS Billing 3.x
EHF Catalogue 3.xPeppol BIS Catalogue with response 3.x
EHF Despatch Advice 3.xPeppol BIS Despatch Advice 3.x
EHF Forward Billing 3.xNone
EHF Order Agreement 3.xPeppol BIS Order Agreement 3.x
EHF Ordering 3.xPeppol BIS Ordering 3.x
EHF Payment Request 3.xNone
EHF Reminder 3.xNone

It is up to the service providers to make sure the necessary support is in place, i.e. using other SMP than ELMA does not change this requirement.