Revised timeline for minor releases

This is a notification regarding the timeline for releasing of new minor releases.

This was originally communicated back in 2021, however expected development did not come through as expected.

We are currently expecting the required development to become part of the autumn release from OpenPeppol, thus we expect to see the updated minor releases for EHF to become available late this autumn.

The estimated timeline will be as follows:

  • Review of the new EHF specifications will start around 2 weeks after OpenPeppol releases the autumn release.
  • Our review period will last 4 weeks before moving to production one week after the review period ends.
  • We will disable registration of the previous versions in ELMA seven months after moving to production.
  • Use of the previus versions will not be allowed to use in the Peppol network eight months after moving to production.

This timeline is a sketch – we will adopt it to make sure we go clear of public holidays and bank holidays. All dates involving technical changes will happen on Wednesdays. The exact timeline will become available as part of the review.