Notification of new minor releases

This is an advance notifications of new minor releases of EHF specifications.

The following new minor versions are expected: ​

  • EHF Advanced Ordering 3.1
  • EHF Despatch Advice 3.1​
  • EHF Order Agreement 3.1​
  • EHF Ordering 3.1​
  • EHF Catalogue 3.1​
  • EHF Punch Out 3.1

The following new minor versions may be introduced as a result of work done in the specifications listed above:

  • EHF Billing 3.1
  • EHF Forward Billing 3.1
  • EHF Payment Request 3.1
  • EHF Reminder 3.1

Timeline for the specifications is as follows:

September 30th, 2021Version 3.1 available for review ​
November 2nd, 2021Version 3.1 published for usage
April 6th, 2022Disable new registrations​ in SMPs
May 3rd, 2022Hiding registrations in SMPs to halt exchange​
After June 1st, 2022Removing registrations in SMPs