Updated migration timeline

According to previous publication, the old Post-Award specifications are to be phased out. This announcement describes the timeline for changes in ELMA.

Triggering phasing out of PEPPOL BIS specifications in ELMA is the result of OpenPEPPOL officially deprecating them as of April 30th 2020.


This is related to the following specifications:

  • EHF Invoice and Credit Note 2.0 (all profiles)
  • PEPPOL BIS Invoice 2.0
  • PEPPOL BIS Billing 2.0


  • September 1st 2020: Hiding registrations to halt exchange
  • After October 1st 2020: Removing registrations

Other specifications

This is related to the following specifications:

  • EHF Catalogue 1.0
  • EHF Despatch Advice 1.0
  • EHF Order Agreement 1.0
  • EHF Ordering 1.0
  • EHF Reminder 1.1
  • PEPPOL BIS Catalogue 2.0
  • PEPPOL BIS Despatch Advice 2.0
  • PEPPOL BIS Message Level Response 2.0
  • PEPPOL BIS Order Agreement 2.0
  • PEPPOL BIS Order 2.0
  • PEPPOL BIS Ordering 2.0


  • November 1st 2020: Disable new registrations
  • January 15th 2021: Hiding registrations to halt exchange
  • After February 15th 2021: Removing registrations

In addition will it, starting today, no longer be neccesary to support the PEPPOL BIS specifications mentioned above when registering the EHF specifications mentioned above.

Also EHF Punch Out 1.0 is subject to removal together with the specifications mentioned above, most notably support and validation as it is not subject to registration in ELMA.