Updated migration timeline

According to previous publication, the old Post-Award specifications are to be phased out. This announcement describes the timeline for changes in ELMA.

Removal of old invoicing specifications

As PEPPOL BIS Billing 2.0 (all profiles) and EHF Invoice and Credit Note 2.0 (all profiles) reach end of life on January 1st 2020, there will be made changes in ELMA accordingly.

New releases for review

New revisions are available for review from November 11th. Date of release is December 10th.

New releases for review

New revisions are available for review from February 11th. Date of release is February 27th.

New releases for review

New revisions are available for review from October 16th. Date of release is November 15th.

EHF User Forum

Due to introduction of GDPR will information related to EHF User Forum no longer be sent out using email.

Hotfix of validation artifacts

This release includes solely the removal of rules that have not given any value in production systems. Based on feedback has Difi considered it appropriate to publish a new release now rather than waiting until the next scheduled release.

Early warning regarding next release

Difi has received feedback related to rules NONAT-T10-R026 (invoice) and NONAT-T14-R024 (credit note) which validate sum on line level. Those changes are expected to affect a lot of vendors. Other changes releated to invoice and credit note may also be of interest.

Changed release dates

Release dates for EHF revisions are updated as a result of feedback from market.

Delay in release for review of EHF artefacts

Due to delays in the publication of new validation artefacts from openPEPPOL, the EHF revision is not fully finalized in test. Hopefully the artefacts from openPEPPOL will be available tomorrow. Please note that other updates has been done, and are available for testing (empty elements as an example)

Introduction of a new validator

Based on feedback Difi has found it necessary to renew their commitment to the validator. The new validator is not backward compatible as it is designed to meet the current and future needs.