EHF Post-Award G2

EHF is an anagram of the Norwegian expression «Elektronisk handelsformat» (Electronic Commerce Format).

EHF is based on the work performed by CEN BII. This is further adjusted to comply with the Norwegian accounting regulations and current practices for the different business processes in the Norwegian market. Difi pursues the goal to cover the full trading process using EHF documents, both before and after awarding (signing of a contract).

By using the EHF documents the collaboration between the supplier and the customer will be predictable. Elements from the tender Catalogue will be re-used in the Order, and elements from the Order will be re-used in the Invoice. This leads to a holistic use of all the documents under the EHF umbrella.

Difi has chosen to use CEN BII as a base for the EHF formats and the Universal Business Language (UBL) as a foundation for the implemented syntax. Both EHF and UBL are open standards and as such not liable to any licensing fees or royalties. EHF is managed and maintained by Difi.