Aspects related to use of the Peppol network for transmissions in Peppol Payment. This includes providers of Access Point (AP) providers and Service Metadata Publisher (SMP) providers (SPs).

Peppol Agreement

AP providers operating in the Peppol Payment domain is required to sign with the DFØ as the Norwegian Peppol Authority (PA). APs signing with other PAs is required to sign Annex 5 with DFØ. Please see the Agreements page for agreement documentation.

Relevant documentation

Requirements fpor APs

There are extra requirements for Access Points operating in Peppol Payment. It is up the each and every AP to make sure to align their operations according to the requirements.

A test report template must be completed, sent to peppolmydinghet@dfo.no and accepted by the Peppol Authority before exchanging production workloads.