Review of agreements

OpenPeppol Agreement revision review has been initiated. Please find below information from OpenPeppol regarding the consultation and review process for the revised Agreement Framework.

Please notice that your review comments are to be send directly to OpenPeppol in order to be taken into account.

Dear OpenPeppol Members

We are pleased to inform you that the deliverables from the Agreement Revision Task Force (ARTF) are now made available for review by all members of OpenPeppol.

Three sets of documents were produced by the ARTF, as mentioned below. All the documents, together with explanatory notes, are made available on Confluence and can be accessed via this link.

  • Agreements
    • Peppol Authority Agreement
    • Service Provider Agreement
  • Internal Regulations – Use of the Peppol Network
  • Operational Procedures
    • Change Management
    • Extended Use
    • Issue Reporting and Management
    • Non-compliance Management
    • Onboarding and Accreditation of Peppol Service Providers
    • Peppol Authority Specific Requirements
    • Reporting of Statistics

May we ask that you please provide your comments on the documents using the attached Excel template no later than Friday 4 June 2021. The submission must be submitted to Please do not hesitate to ask us if you have any questions.

Kind Regards

OpenPeppol AISBL